The Erinsborough Tornado, Neighbours

The Erinsborough Tornado From Neighbours

“The Erinsborough Tornado” is Storyline of Best rating soap Opera Neighbours. StoryLine Began in August of 2014 where large Storm hit Erinsborough and later on converted into tornado.Many longest running across were seemed to be stuck in Storm.Several stoma creation machine and rain creation machine was used in the show to create Storm , rain and tornado. on 15th August 2014 trailer was released.


NEWS for Erinsborough residents and surrounding areas was reached to by radio and TV that large Storm in coming towards
Erinsborough and nearest areas of it and residents start getting them self ready to face that. Mark Brennan and Paige smith
(housemat of Mark Brennan ) fall into their growing feeling and the have sex. Bailey Turner was watching the news with
high interest and watched several weather warning for Erinsborough and surrounding areas about big Storm and Tornado. Amber Turner (Bailey’s sister) with his boyfriend Daniel Robinson make a plane to go outside and take pictures of Tornado and head out into Storm for pictures.

And then Storm hit Georgia Brooks was mission along with Kyle Canning’s (Georgia’s fiancĂ©) dog. Kyle headout into Storm, when she goes outside to find them and suddenly Storm become a tornado. Paul was looking Daniel and Amber. Georgia and Bossy shelter with Sheila (Kyle’s grandmother) and now Kyle was missing. Amber and Daniel was going through car and their car stuck into tornado but they escape and refuge in local garage. Paul’s car hit and Daniel with Amber rescue him and Paul with Amber and Daniel take refuge together.At the end Daniel proposes Amber and she accepts happily.

Lou Carpenter with his friend Susan Kennedy, refuge at Harold’s Store for terrible tornado. At Harold’s Store , Lou trapped under colling system which collapses from roof.On that time Lou was eating a piece of boot that lodged into his throat.Before arriving to hospital to save his like susan is forced to preform emergency tracheotomy. Paul ribs was broken and leg was prosthetic and was treated for this. Kyle was founded tapped in a toilet , Georgia and Bossy. Cleanup Operation start and Lou tells Matt that his wife Laurn killed Brad. Daniel and Imogen rescued wombat who was injured , Nate Kisnki and also help Susan to overcome her Post traumatic stress.

Promotion :

For promotion a trailer was released of The Erinsborough Tornado at the end of trailer their was tagline “The tornado is coming” to create more action and suspend tagline blown away by the winds. In the trailer Paul Karal Daniel and Amber were to caught up by strong wind and storm. First picture was released to entertainment website Digital Spy and later on 5 more pictures was released.In August 2014 29 Storyline start broadcasting where residents were preparing themself to face storm and later on that Storm converted into tornado. In UK storyline was start broadcasting from 15th Sep 2014.


Though out rating of storyline was awesome. First episode get 329,000 Australian viewers and on that night series become top rated program on digital multichannels. 2nd Episode caught 325,000 viewers from Australia and show become 3rd highest rating show. 3rd Episode was seen by 304,000 Australians and series become 2nd most watched show on digital multichannels ,where torando was created.