Enjoy The Ride from Hollyoaks

Enjoy The Ride from Hollyoaks

Rhys was going to leave Hollyoaks village but Jacqui’s mom ask him to stay here to attend wedding of Tony and Cindy and say his Goodbye to Jacqui because she will not go to wedding alone with brokenheart.Ester tell about Ruby’s elope plane to his foster parents.Ruby was confined by his foster patents,Jack and Frankie.Ruby’s friends fight Esther with Maddie WHO abuse her,viciously. Maddie calls Ether a Dyke but Tilly overhears this who was Ether’s ex-girlfired and also hear about Maddie and Jono kiss.Jono convinces Ruby’s parents so that they can allow her to escape through window in her wedding dress.Osborness came to know about her missing but didn’t get worry because he knows Ruby and Jono was unable to marry legally.She also came to know that Doug is trying to Jail his ex-boyfriend because of his previous crime.Here at Cindy’s wedding, Tony make his mind to expose his affair.

Bart McQueen forget to organize any transport for Jone, Rudy and wedding guests and was not in the condition to drive at Gretne Green as he has taken drugs. After so much thinking Middle decide to steal Charyl’s minibus Ruby, Jone and others get ready but Tilly decline to go with them because of Maddie’s behavior.Tony decided to reveal Cindy’s affair but change plane after listening her speech in which she tells about her feeling about Him. Rhys was going leaving wedding but for Jacqui leave a latter because he didn’t tell her. .On the Way Maddie Discover that Brakes are not working.Because of Bart and Esther , who were behind Maddie, he get distract and didn’t see Leah on the road.minibus get out of control and bus tips onto its side.

Neil seemed to be dead and other were tapped. Rhys and Doug were tapped under rubble. Bart didn’t help other and refuse because he was thinking that Esther will send him to Jail for causing death and leave. Esther tried to stop him to go away without getting her out.Jono tried and free him and escape from bus and help Sinead and Tuby.Petrol was leaking from minibus. Maddie and George help each other and mange to free each other and George escape himself to get out of bus.Middie was also about to leave the bus and Neil open his eyes and ask Middie for help but he refuse to help and didn’t tell anyone the Neil is still alive inside and blame Esther for crash.

Letter that Rhy’s left for Jacqui found by Phoebe , explaining
his leaving for Cindy.Jono was blaming himself for accident. Bart was gone to hospital to see Sinead with Charyl and Gerorye was blaming Bart for accident.Cheryl ask that no one can stop this accident because she was forgotten to repair the breaks of bus.At the End Jono sit out with Ruby and they start taking each other and decide, they will marry properly.Outside Ruby tell to Jone about his childhood and had put his head in Ruby’s arms.When Ruby finish his conversation she realize that Jone had Died.

Enjoy the Ride


Before broad casing storyline on Television, a trailer was released on Official website of Hollyoaks.”Last Goodbye” was used.In trailer several characters were seen in wedding dress and then came action scene and Bacl wall of hall explode throwing everyone away from eachother.For promotion purpose Moss and Bowman were seen on T4,interviewing and discussing about storyline.


Storyline was Broadcasted on E4 and Channel 4. 1st Episode was seen by 0.554 Million peoples at E4 and 1.03 Million on Channel 4. 2nd broadcasted episode get 0.567 million view on E4 and 1.06 million at Channel. 3rd Episode get 0.684 million and 1.05 million on E4 and Channel respectively. 4th Episode caught 0.970 million viewer for E4 and 1.04 million for Channel 4. 0.780 million viewer were while broadcasting 4th Episode on E4 and 1.19 million viewers for Channel 4.As a result Storyline increase rating of show and storyline keep getting high rating.

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