Complete History of Shortland Street

Shortland Street is produced by South Pacific Picture, with the help of FremantleMedia and Television New Zealand. In starting few years, the productionof the show was also assisted by Fresh Zealand On Air.

Today, almost all of the filming for Shortland Street occurs at South Pacific Picture Waitakere City studios, with Ferndale High School scenes being filmed nearby Waitakere College. The exterior photographs of the Hospital are filmed on location at the Waitakere Studios at an existing section of a building clothed to appear as the act of a hospital entry. Location scenes are shot in Auckland, but other locations, including Fiji, Mt Ruapehu, Rotorua and Rarotonga have been used.

Actually, Shortland Street was shot in North Shore Town at South Pacific Picture Browns Bay studios until their relocation to perform built studios in Waitakere City in 2000. The original Ferndale High School was played with a North Shore School before the studio relocated. The moment cast members contracts are either 4 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 several weeks, 6 months or doze months.

The show has had a reputation for being smutty and controversial with the very first episode of the show featuring a sex scene between homeowner “Dr. Love” Chris Warner great aerobics instructor. One more early controversy was that of a lesbian make out between Meredith Fleming and Annie Flynn with several complaints made to the Broadcasting Standards Authority but it went no more. It was not until 2008 that the show received its first ever BSA warning, when it featured a whack jobs scene in mid-2008 between sexually confused Gerald and a fellow man. A few months later, the show received another warning for an episode in September 2008 depicting the intense murder of Craig Valentines, who was beaten subconscious, then set alight in the car. Again, a few weeks later, the show received yet another warning about a scene of the show in January 2009 where Tania Jeffries hit a gang head in the head with a hammer.

Moments aired in April 2010 sparked criticism when Leanne Miller and her child girl Nicole explained that the city of Tauranga was not “gay friendly”.

The show caused controversy in August 2010 when the character of Sophie McKay was shown to be being stalked by her university lecturer who the girl had been dating. This upset the family of murdered young girl Sophie Elliott who was killed by her university teacher, Clayton Weatherston, who she had been going out with. This upset the lot of families with producer Steven Zanoski saying: “the story was a classic and not inspired by real events.”
The shows production department received a lot of complaints following to the lesbian love storyline including Maia Jeffries and Jennifer Mason.

A story aired in April 2011 which featured the Cooper Family try to go to the beach, nevertheless they get encountered by a group of Maori who demand money. This started criticism with some saying it was the discrimination against Maori people. Maori adviser Ngamaru Raerino explained that viewers should not have jumped to a conclusion and should have let the storyline completely happen which reveals the group of Maori are protesting against a corrupt camp owner who had recently been polluting the beach.

In September 2011, Shortland Street was discovered as one of the key affects to people who self-harm, airing two storylines including suicide attempts.