Complete Biography of Bold and Beautiful Show

The Bold and the Beautiful Show

In American Soap Opera list ,Bold and Beautifully is also a List option, Show is also know as B&B. Willian J.Bell and Lee Phillops is its Creator from CBS.In starting it was premiered as Sister Show to the Bell in 1987.Several Character from other series also worked in this show like Young and Restless since 1990s.Forrester families and their Fashion is core subject of the show.
In Feature of series include ensemble cast,headed by Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan played by John McCook and Katherine Kelly who are longest running actors of Bold and Beautifully.B&B is a most watched soap in the world since it started and
have more than 26.2 million viewers as of 2010. Show is watched in all over the world with Different Titles.Series has won so many Aways and Daytime Emmies.In rating field show is at second position in weekly Nielsen Ratings for daytime dramas.Show has whom 31 Daytime Emmy Awards.
2011 was best year for series as the series fall towards high definition and become 2nd best American Soap in whole America.Because of cancellation of ABC’S One Life to Live before it returned along with All My Children on April 20 2013.B&B is last American soap Opera to make transition. In March 2012 25th Anniversary was celebrated of show. Now Show air same day CBS and repeated on Pop.

StartUp of Series:

In starting episode of Show eveyone seem for preparation for wedding of Ridge who was also Forrester’s eldest son with Caroline Spencer who was daughter of Bill Spencer.At the time Ridge has become vice precedent of Forrester Creations and he was a fashion designer also.Throughout the world in every media network and every Newspaper their marriage was publicize and get a name as “The wedding of the year in the fashion world”.Thousand of woman see that woman who had won a heart of a man , who had been a playboy and also refuse to settle his whole life with only one woman.
One of the woman was a chemistry student,Brooke Logan,belongs to working-class family and was living with his mom Beth. Brooke’s siblings Storm, Donna and Katie were living in Los Angeles in typical American home. Before marring Stephanie, Beth was Collage girl fried of Eric. Love affair of Ridge and Brooke take so much time of Series. Due to some problem Ridge and Brooke breakup. Ridge soon find his comfort with his new lover, Dr. Taylor Hayes.Rivalry b/w Stephanie (Ridge’s mom) and Brooke also plays a important roll in drama.Later on Brooke marries Eric.



Now a days show’s rating is so good but in startup it was the lowest rating show of CBS. As so many Characters from other shows also plays init so after Villian’s role of Sheila Carter from Young and Restless, show’s rating’s graph start climbing in 1992. After 1992s as the show’s rating start climbing and its become the 2nd Best show of America.


In whole life of Show , Series is Nominated for over 200 Prizes and won so many awards and so many Daytime Emmy Awards. In 2009 Series won Daytime Emmy and Later in 2010 and 2011 Agni won Awards. Writing Team Won Awards of being Outstanding Writing team in 2010 and 2013. Susan won Awards for outstanding Lead Actress in series.